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We are a tech company based out of Patagonia that delivers world class enterprise and mobile applications to the world. Our mission is a simple yet powerful statement: "To build great software." We do so with passion and a relentless commitment to quality and innovation.


  • End to End

    From the analysis stages of a project-to-be right to the deployment of the finalized product with everything that happens in between: planning, architecture, design, management, coding, quality control.

  • Product Development

    Patagonian participates in the development of software products by providing technical expertise, mentoring in several aspects and financing to ease the often hard initial stages of a tech startup.

  • Idea Incubation

    Taking an idea from zero to product by using a multi-discipline team of specialists, brainstorming with clients and target end users. This self-feedbacking project incubation process ensures the product rises to the top of its potential. Every time.

  • Consultancy

    We like augmenting the technical brainpower of organizations by deploying architects, managers and software designers in challenging projects.

  • Mobile


  • DevOps


  • UI & UX

    UI & UX Design.


We love tech

We live and breathe technology. We are early adopting, source contributing, gadget investigating, innovative geeks who were bred to keep up with one of the most rapidly expanding industries.

We are agnostic

The right tool for the right job: tech stack, engagement mode, methodology, everything is flexible. We like to adapt, selecting the elements the project calls for.

We are many heads

Our best work is the results of collaborative thinking. We love incubating ideas and wearing many hats to make those ideas comprise as many worldviews as possible.

We care. A lot

About the environment, about the less fortunate, about our country; we put in place policies to contribute to our echosystem, both natural and social.


A selection of Case Studies involving high profile clients who trusted us with their projects



The government of the city of Buenos Aires is considered one of the most innovative of Latin America in terms of urbanization, technology, modernization and the application of information technology. Patagonian Tech provides services to the ministries of Culture and Education.



The Inter-American Development Bank is one of the most prestigious financial institutions, and has selected Patagonian as a technical partner for the development and maintenance of key initiatives for the LAC audiences


Reboot with Joe

Reboot with Joe is the company behind the man behind a sensational boom: juice dieting as the path to a healthy body.. Patagonian Tech is responsible for the construction and maintenance of a rich mobile app ecosystem, from simple recipe books to complex diet tracking applications.



Patagonian was entrusted with the development of several digital applications including an augmented reality app, Facebook pages, websites and mobile apps.


Connect Americas

ConnectAmericas is an initiative of the Inter American Development Bank. It is, in its simplest definition, a social network for companies. Its goal is to enable companies from all LATAM to do business with one another, opening an unprecedented means of discovery and communication.



Moov is a San Francisco based startup that builds a product which is part of the internet of things paradigm. A small tracking device that connects to your smartphone and monitors your performance in five different sports: boxing, swimming, golf, running and cycling.


Fave It

FaveIt is a New York City based startup that develops and distributes the homonymous mobile application which allows users to bookmark their favorite things in real life: restaurants, places, moments, etc. Patagonian is responsible for the development and continued maintenance of the iOS and Android apps.



Banco de Desarrollo de America Latina is a prestigious development bank made up of a conglomerate of over 30 countries and private entities. Patagonian proudly developed mobile apps for use in their yearly marathon.




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